IV. Write sentences in the past.

Glossary 12

Block 2.

I. Answer the questions with an infinitive of purpose and words from the box.

II. Read about Jane’s busy day.

2) To buy some aspirin. 3) To buy a dictionary. 4) To get a holiday 5) To get some stamps. 6) To buy a CD. 7) To buy a magazine.

Write sentences about Jane’s day using the infinitive of purpose.

She went to the dry cleaner’s to collect her dress.

Then she went to the chemist’s to buy some suncream and a new pair of sunglasses. After that she went to the bank to get some Spanish pesetas, and to IV. Write sentences in the past. the travel agent’s to collect some tickets. Then she went home to pack her suitcase. An hour later a taxi arrived to take her to the airport to catch a plan to Majorca.

III. Past Simple. Irregular verbs.

Write the Past Simple form of the following verbs by changing one letter.

IV. Write sentences in the past.

1. Robert wears a tie to work. (yesterday)

Robert wore a tie to work yesterday.

2. They do homework together. (last night)

They did homework together last night.

3. Helen doesn’t go to the shops. (last week)

Helen doesn’t went to the IV. Write sentences in the past. shops last week.

4. We meet in the bar. (last night)

We met in the bar last night.

5. We don’t have dinner at home. (last night)

We don’t had dinner at home last night.

6. Jane gets up early. (yesterday morning)

Jane got up early yesterday morning.

7. He buys a newspaper at the station. (yesterday)

He bought a newspaper at the station yesterday.

8. I leave home at 7.00. (yesterday)

I left home at 7.00 yesterday.

9. She sees her friends after work. (last night)

She saw her friends after work last night.

10. Bob can’t come home to dinner. (last week IV. Write sentences in the past.)

Bob can’t came home to dinner last week.

Документ IV. Write sentences in the past.